Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What's For Breakfast, Dad? is now availalbe

What's For Breakfast, Dad? 

Written by Sarah Spigelman
Illustrated by Mike Thompson 
Edited by Melanie Bourgeois

Now available. Order a copy today!

Come on Dads. You don't still think the kitchen is scary, do you? Inside these pages you'll discover the magic of cooking with the kids. Part intro to the kitchen, part fun and funky cook book (think candy bacon and waffle-wiches). 

Saturday mornings will never be the same! Written by acclaimed New York City food writer Sarah Spigelman. We intend to get you Dads and kiddos in the kitchen, even if we have to drag you there!

About the Author: 
Sarah Spigelman is a writer, editor and food lover from birth. Her writing has been featured on The Huffington Post, The Daily Meal and many nationally distributed magazines. She lives in NYC where she splits her time between seeing Broadway shows and eating food so spicy that it makes her nose run. She chronicles her NYC eating adventures on her personal website and blogs about food for the food site of Today Show. 

"What's for Breakfast, Dad?" is part of the Oh Dad! line of books for active dads and the eye-rolling kids who love them, a division of Raburn Publishing.

Order a copy today!

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